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Joanie Laurer, Breast Implants
Joanie Laurer is an American retired professional wrestler, female bodybuilder and pornographic actress best known to fans for her popular ringside character named Chyna. Performing under the ring name of Chyna, Laurer was a member of the Degeneration-X wrestling alliance alongside popular wrestlers Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Under her Chyna persona, Laurer was referred to as the "ninth wonder of the world." After achieving great fame with the WWF, Laurer decided to depart from the wrestling federation, citing personal reasons. Laurer would go on to also achieve fame as bestselling author after writing her memoirs. Laurer would also gain notoriety by posing topless for Playboy Magazine. More recently, Laurer would achieve further notoriety as a pornographic actress.

Chyna: Plastic Surgery

Actress and retired WWF pro wrestler Joanie Laurer has gotten breast implants. In Joanie's best selling autobiography, If They Only Knew, Laurer revealed that her breast implants were custom made after she let her plastic surgeon know that their largest implants didn't suit her frame in the way she desired. Laurer's custom implants became the model for the Chyna 2000s, a model of breast implant marketed to large framed women and female bodybuilders, named after one of her many ring names, Chyna. Laurer's other ring names include Chyna Doll, Chynna, Chynna Doll, Joanie Laurer, Joanie Lee, and Just Joanie. Later in the book, Laurer revealed that the structural integrity of the Chyna 2000 prototypes was relatively weak, and that one of them ruptured during a wrestling match, requiring surgery. Laurer has furthermore been speculated to have been the recipient of a chin reduction that has minimized the look of her formerly masculine-looking, square jaw. Laurer may have also have gotten a rhinoplasty nose job due to a thinner nasal tip and wider bridge. The use of fillers may also be aiding Laurer in achieving a less square jaw.

Has Going Under The Knife Helped Permanently Feminize Former Wrestler, Bodybuilder Joanie Laurer?

Chyna: Breast Augmentation, Fillers, Nose Job, Chin Augmentation

A former pro wrestler, Chyna has gone on to change her looks as often as her career, from wrestler to actress to bodybuilder to porn star. These days Chyna is back in the spotlight as one of the celebrities looking to get acquitted killer George Zimmerman in the ring. While Chyna looks to be in better in shape than ever, she also looks pretty different, thanks in part to some dramatic plastic surgery over the years. 43-year old Chyna is like many women in professional wrestling and bodybuilding who want to bulk up but remain feminine. To this end, many women, Chyna included, undergo breast augmentation to give their bulky bodies some curves. The result is often that breast implants end up looking...

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