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Minka, Breast Implants
Porn star, big-bust model, and stripper Minka has had a breast augmentation. Minka has polypropylene string breast implants, also used by big-bust stars such as Chelsea Charms and Maxi Mounds (among others) to achieve exceptionally large bust sizes. Minka has a bra cup-size reported as 44KK (70HH-22-35 (according to the IAFD), her website FAQ lists her stats as 44KK-23-35). Minka states that her breasts weigh 13.5 pounds (6.1 kg) each.

Minka was frequently referred to as the "number one Asian big boob queen" by radio personality Adam Carolla on Loveline. Minka appeared as a guest on the radio station in December of 2000. In 1993, Minka started working as a feature dancer, and in 1994 performed in her first adult film, Duke of Knockers 2. Afterwards Minka traveled to England to pose for photos in Score, an American adult magazine specializing in large-breasted models.